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Modern marketing: COVID-19 Resources

Corona Virus is affecting the routines and habits of people and how businesses serve those communities around the world, changing everything from day-to-day lives of individuals to global supply chains. Among the many areas impacted are businesses' media spends and strategies: some 89% of advertisers say they have taken action with their budgets in response to COVID-19 with 45% saying they have adjusted media type usage or shifted budget among media types.

4 Strategies to Adapt your Ad Measurement during Challenging Times.

1. Simplify your Strategy

Rather than changing course completely, consider simplifying your strategy to focus on using your organization's current key sources of truth.

2. Re-evaluate test designed to inform future decisions

When looking at insights from a test conducted during these times, consider to extend to which current conditions are impacting results.

3. Use A/B and multi-cell testing to optimize quickly

Through measurement and learning, you can assess the impact of making adjustments in areas like audience targeting and creative presentation.

4. Consider impact by industry and marketing conditions

Different industries are facing starkly different realities during this time, with some seeing increased demand and others seeing dramatic drops. Moreover, advertising conditions vary widely by geography and customer base (there's no one-size-fits-all approach).

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