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Facebook Ad Types / For Funnel Campaigns

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The most relevant Ad Types to run successful Funnel Campaigns with a high conversion rate, high ROI (Return On Investment), high revenue for your business overall.

The most relevant #facebook Ad Types for a funnel campaign are:

1. Traffic

Run up to 75% of the time. Builds 'Traffic Pixel Data'.

2. Engagement

When you want (viral) social engagement.

3. Conversions

Run after you have gathered data and have leads to work with.

4. Lead Generation

To collect leads, emails/phone numbers and more.

5. Video Views

To build video views and re-target 10 sec views up to 75% or more and run campaigns based on the length or duration of someone who viewed the video.

6. Messages

Appears on Facebook Messenger when you are scrolling down.

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