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Ad Copy/Copywriting

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

- Creating great Ads is more Art than Science.

- Running Facebook Ads is all Science and almost no Art.

- The Power comes from deep understanding of your audience.

Ad Copy TIPS

1st TIP Always put a Hyperlink in the text/copy above the images people are conditioned to click on hyperlinks and that will increase your conversion rate.

2nd TIP "Learn More" is often the highest converting CTA button you can choose. "Download" is the next best option.

3rd TIP This is one of the most important tips when we talk about Ad Copy always keep in mind "Is not about you or your Business the Ad always MUST be about the reader".


When Writing Ads: Use Verbs, Keep it Simple, Use Questions to Call Out your Market, Use a CTA, Be Specific, Always pay attention to Feedback.

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